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When you first meet Bria, you know right away that she’s got it. You may not be able to put it into words or quite put your finger on it, but you know she’s one of a kind. “My friends know that when they come to me that they will get the truth whether they want it or not,” she says while she laughs into the phone. “It’s like hey, what can you do? You want the truth right, welp I am here to help.” And with that one phrase, you can sum up Bria’s mission and vision for herself in the world. “I really just want to help people be better, ya know?”

Starting her career as a multimedia journalist, Bria had a life that many people could only imagine. Some would even tell her that she literally had the dream life. As the stories faded and the newsroom got cold, she began to question did she really have her dream life? “I remember one day being at work and telling one of my coworkers to take her positivity and get away from me. I literally was telling the universe to take all positive and happy things out of my sight.” 

She doesn’t attribute her defining moment as a moment at all but more so a shift in mindset and thinking deeply about what she really wanted out of life.

Bria knew that the only way she could change is to take a leap because she had enough. She took the steps necessary and decided to leave a job that only some could dream of. But she didn’t go empty-handed. “Leaving news, I wanted to take all of the things that I know and make better people.” She initially left to pursue a career in digital marketing because she was a social savvy millennial and knew that it wouldn’t be hard. 

After enrolling in a digital marketing course to gain additional skills, she went on to secure a contract to do digital marketing for various companies. “Then it turned out that that’s not fun for me. I’m not good at being complacent and doing things that aren’t fun to me, I could never be the person that’s like well I stuck out this job for forty years, now I am going to retire and die.”

Still unfulfilled, she turned to a source that we are all familiar with, years of venting sessions with our friends. When thinking back to these conversations, she realized that her life’s mission had been following her for quite some time now. “I have so many friends who are miserable. I talk to so many people who are so talented and skilled in what they are doing but are so unhappy. A lot of people are doing things for the sake of, oh, I need a check or well this is what I went to school for, so this is what I have to do.”

But her one piece of advice for everyone who feels trapped is to not let people put you in a box.

“People put you in this box, and you feel like you need to stay in that (box). It’s so toxic when you stay in a situation that you don’t want to be in because it carries over to so many other parts of your life.”

Bria knew that she could use all of her skills to help others make changes that can help pull them out of those stuffy boxes, and she has had plenty of experience. From putting the spotlight on ways to better the communities to highlighting missing people, she wanted to help people whenever they needed it. “It doesn’t always have to be something big.” She’s dealt with people on their best and worst days. Story deadlines often made her feel cold and callous when she had to leave those real people behind with no follow up except for her work social media handles.

Now she helps people build strong foundations in their life. It goes along with her mission to help people be better. “I work with personal development and personal branding, whether that has to do with you as a person or working with you to figure out how you can better use online skills.”

I am in a never-ending growth cycle. More and more, I am getting into what my sole purpose, I am really into that, and I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing.

Bria created her moment identifying skills and resources that she already had access to. This helped shake off limits placed on her by society and herself to create her moment. See below for Bria’s Create Your Moment Checklist. 

Bria’s Create Your Moment Checklist

1. She encourages others to put themselves out there because you aren’t the only one, and you’re never the only one who has done something. “We feel so isolated and alone and were not. It only takes one person to say something. Things will never change, and you won’t impact people unless you put yourself out there.”

2. She wants you to take risks! You have to take risks, and the most significant risk of them all she says is choosing happiness over comfort. Is it worth being upset and having anxiety attacks for no reason.” Choosing joy over comfort has allowed Bria to vibrate at her highest frequency. 

“Don’t sit on your inaction. Don’t about to do-take action! If you’re about to get a new job, write a book or start a business. You are not going to manifest anything unless you take action – you have to do something to make that happen. From money to relationships, you have to be specific, and you have to go for it. I truly believe that the universe gives you what you ask for, but the first step is actually doing something about it.”

3. Lastly, check your resources. We have resources all around us…..some of them we don’t even realize. 

“Living in a first world country, we have so many resources available to us. You don’t have a computer – go to a library it’s free! You can learn things on YouTube – that’s free. Use your resources effectively. You have so many skills and resources, both tangible and in other people. You have your phone, the Internet, and the list can go on.” Remember to lean into those resources, they will lead you where you need to go. 

Get in contact with Bria and let her help you get closer to reaching your wildest dreams.


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