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November Goals

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I plan to make this November very productive. I wasn't as impressed with myself in completing my October Goals as I wanted to be. However, I had a great time traveling, enjoying Halloween activities with friends and just taking a break from the buzz of social media in general.This month I will be traveling for almost two straight weeks so keeping up with my blog post schedule and everything else involved will be challenging. However, since I will be on a few airplanes and sitting around in multiple airports, I will have a lot of down time to write out content and start planning 2018.

October Goals

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I feel like September was a weird month for me but I was able to accomplish a few things. But I have much more motivation for October and I can't wait to see what I check off my list.This October is looking to be especially fun. We've got a camping trip planned for my birthday, a trip to the East Coast for a wedding and of course (my favorite) Halloween!

September Goals

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I can't believe how fast August went by! Between working full time, maintaining some social life and starting up this blog I feel like I barely had any free time. Overall, I feel pretty proud of the August Goals that I accomplished and I can't wait to see what I can check off of my September Goals list! 

My Bucket List

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During my senior year of high school, one of  my assignments was to create a bucket list. Our teacher had us share them with the class and encouraged us to hold on to them for years and actually cross things off as we accomplished them. So I printed mine out and have had it in my wallet ever since!