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My Bucket List

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 My Bucket List

During my senior year of high school, one of  my assignments was to create a bucket list. Our teacher had us share them with the class and encouraged us to hold on to them for years and actually cross things off as we accomplished them. So I printed mine out and have had it in my wallet ever since!

As you can see from the photo copied image above, my bucket list is a little worn and used.

Here we are, seven years later and my bucket list is still in tact. Every few months I'll take it out of my wallet and cross of anything I completed. I haven't really added anything to this list because I like the satisfaction of seeing things completed. However, since this bucket list is SO outdated I'll need to make an updated one! 

As of 08/29/2017 I have completed about 51% of my original bucket list created back in 2010! 

If you'd like to see some of the things I have crossed off, keep reading below!


Visit the Coliseum

Rome, Italy - 2013


Ride the ride on the Stratosphere

Las Vegas, NV - 2010


Take a road trip down Highway 101

Seattle to Los Angeles - 2015


Graduate college

Whittier College - 2015


Blow glass at the Museum of Glass

Tacoma, WA - 2010


Dance until my legs are sore

Coachella - 2017


Letter in a varsity sport

High School - 2011


Join a sorority (society)

Whittier College - 2012


Visit New York City

New York, NY - 2014


Watch the sunset in Greece

Nafplio, Greece - 2013


Adopt a dog from a shelter

Jade - 2016


Drive across the country

Los Angeles to Connecticut - 2013

What's on your bucket list?