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October Goals

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 My October Goals | 2017 | What will you accomplish?

This October is looking to be especially fun. We've got a camping trip planned for my birthday, a trip to the East Coast for a wedding and of course (my favorite) Halloween!

Since I can remember, fall has been one of my favorite times of the year (besides Christmas). I love the seasons changing and feeling crisp, cool air. Unfortunately, since I live in Southern California I don't get that weather change anymore. Boo!  However, we do get all the fall flavors and I am currently obsessing over everything pumpkin spice. When Sprouts (our local grocery store) starts carrying pumpkin spice items, I go a bit crazy. The BEST things to get is their Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider or Pumpkin Loops Cereal. Mmm! 

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Anyways, back to my October goals! I feel like September was a weird month for me but I was able to accomplish a few things. There are still a few things from my September Goals that I need to transfer over. But I have much more motivation for October and I can't wait to see what I check off my list.

 Last Month I Wanted To


  • DONE - Take more photos for future blog and Instagram posts
  • DONE - Work on Google+ implementation
  • IN PROGRESS - Run a 5K (under 30 minutes)
  • DONE - Create a presence on Pinterest 
  • IN PROGRESS - Content
    This proved to be a little harder than I thought since my work schedule got very busy and I spent a lot of time changing my domain name and getting everything set up again. I was planning on getting content written through November and I ended up with content through the end of October.
  • IN PROGRESS - Post 2 blog posts per week
    I was able to get into the habit of posting once a week for the past two weeks. Planning on at least keeping that up through the rest of 2017. Then, I plan to revamp my schedule and kick it into gear for twicer per week.
  • DONE - Optimize Pinterest profile and photos
  • IN PROGRESS - Rebrand my Instagram and increase following to 1,000+
    I had set this goal with the intention of using my personal Instagram. However, halfway through the month I decided to go back to my blog Instagram to grow followers there. That account had 545 at the beginning of September and now I am up to 767. 


 This Month I Want To
  • Content rough drafts of every post from November through the end of December
  • Run a 5K (under 30 minutes)
  • Increase Instagram following to 1,000+
  • Increase Pinterest following to 100+
  • Make some fall treats for Jade (and myself)
  • Go to a corn maze or Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios
  • Go to a cute pumpkin patch
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Make homemade apple cider
  • Re-watch my favorite Halloween movies
  • Birthday camping trip
  • Eat my weight in anything apple or pumpkin spiced
  • Read a book
  • DIY costumes for Halloween

What will YOU be accomplishing this October?

Let me know in the comments below!